Gaining back a granddaughter

My son had a very difficult marriage from hell. My grandaughter believed (wrongly) that I had contributed to the breakup and refused all contact for years.Over the years, she frinished college, went through a relationship and changed her mind about what had happened in her parents’ marriage.

I believe she wanted a family connection, like her sister, who was universally loved. She made up with her dad, then let it be known she wanted to see me and my wife. She came to the house, walked in, threw her arms around my neck, as if the years of hating us had never happened. We felt and acted the same and the last decade or more have seen her marriage to a fine man and birth of a great-grandchild. They participate in every family gathering, and reference to the past has never occurred. We never disparaged her in those years, and now love her like all the other grandchildren.

Long-term patience and forgiveness has a wonderful healing effect.