Hello and welcome to the Cornell Family Reconciliation Project!


Over the past five years, our research group at Cornell University has been conducting studies of people who have experienced estrangements in their families. We have learned that many, if not most, families have had a situation in which one or more family members broke off contact. Sometimes, an estrangement can be permanent, but in other cases, a reconciliation takes place.

We are seeking information from people who have experienced an estrangement, but who are now back in contact with their family members. If you or your family has experienced an estrangement that came to an end and contact was resumed, we would love to hear from you!

The goal of our research is to help provide new knowledge about and possible solutions to family estrangements. Learning about how some families have reconciled with one another after a break-up will provide invaluable information about this problem.


Here’s how you can take part:



Share Your Story

Submit your story of family reconciliation here. Some of these stories may be shared on this website, and all entries will help us in our research to better understand family estrangements and how to overcome them.

In any use of your story, all information will be anonymous.

be interviewed

We plan to interview a number of individuals who have experienced estrangement and reconciliation. If you would be interested in taking part in a research interview, please submit your email address below.


We look forward to hearing your stories of how an estrangement came to end in a family reconciliation. If you have questions, please email us at reconciliation@cornell.edu.